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The Augmented Attention Lab in Bratislava

On the 3rd of June 2019 we welcomed 16 participants from all over the world to the first-ever edition of The Augmented Attention Lab – a 4 day pressure-cooker focused […]

Interview with Sissel Marie Tonn in Imperica Magazine

Change is everywhere; after all, as we know, it is the only constant. The work of Sissel Marie Tonn reflects change. By allowing the viewer to concentrate on the sensory […]

The Intimate Earthquake Archive

The project focuses on man-made earthquakes that have occurred over the last 32 years in the largest field for natural gas in Europe, located in the Dutch province of Groningen. […]

Inner Movements Workshop

We did a master-class/workshop at Spectrum, Berlin in the summer of 2016, called ‘Inner Movements’. We asked participants to bring a sound that they felt could be used for sonifying […]

What is it like to be a bat

The title for this exhibition was taken from the seminal essay by this name by Thomas Nagel, in which he dissecting the landscape between subjective and objective experience in the […]


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